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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 20, 2013 9:30am-10:01am PST

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it's time for the great videos that you've been looking for "right this minute." drop the knife. >> stunned shops are watch as cops order a suspect to -- >> drop the knife, drop the knife. >> see what happens when he doesn't. >> a homeowner repairs some racoon damage not knowing. >> the racoon was still inside. >> the delicate mission to get him outta there. >> when you think of places to pop the question --
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>> you probably don't think of best buy. >> the touching story behind the proposal in the tv department. plus want a 42-inch flat screen tv? we've got the buzz word for you to pin and it's a spectacular featuring penguins. see the amazing foot and and meet the producers whose hidden weapon held a secret camera. >> stand straight up. >> oh, my god. >> all i wanted to do was eat my breakfast. >> shoppers witnessed the police standoff right in the aisle. you see portland police officers with non-lethal weapons drawn, a taser and other weapons. witnesses say the man was
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shoplifting and pebd up some knives that were on display and threatened some shoppers. you repeatedly hear officers yelling at him to drop the knife, drop the knife. one of the sergeants here had dealt with skates before and they identify him as a man with severe mental illness. the officers are trying to negotiate with him and trying to get him to peacefully put down the knives and not cause harm to him or anybody else. drove the kn small crash and screams from skates as he goes down in the aisle. officers surround him and try to get him under control but he continues to struggle and that's when the taser is deployed again. one thing's for sure, they definitely gave him a lot of chances. >> this type of taser use does strike a nerve in the community. the department of justice found
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a pattern of officers firing multiple cycles of their tase are unnecessarily and failing to wait in between cycles to give their suspect a chance to yield. >> he did communicate effectively several times. >> i'm glad they used tasers instead of a gun. >> police were able to get skates under control. he was charged with menacing and disorderly conduct. >> where would the show be without an awesome racoon rescue. >> you know how i feel about racoons. >> this one managed to get itself stuck between two beams in this home. the owner realized the racoon had made its way in somehow, thought the racoon had left so
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the homeowner patched up the hole. the racoon was still inside and this is the wildlife control rescue team here rescuing the little guy. now, they were able to wrap the cord around the belly of the raccoon just to control him because they do have to go in with the saw and they didn't want him to be stuck enside the house. >> he's not hungry. >> i believe he's hungry. >> there they are with the old saw coming back in. >> that would scare at racoon to death. once they cut enough of the roof off, the big old raccoon is they released him. >> what i love is there are groups of people that will go and rescue these animals and release them to the wild. >> i'm going to teach you a new
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phrase today. it's called ram raided. tease when someone takes a truck and rams it in your store. in darwin, australia, the white truck was stolen. two guys went in, one was the lookout. they presume they were look looking for alcohol but they weren't able to get at it because the it was locked up. they did leave their fingerprints around. they have police dogs trying to pick up a scent. when they left, they left the truck in another car. >> they estimate the damage was anywhere from $94,000, trying to get -- they only ended up with one can of dundee. >> all they did was they ripped a six-pack of bundy out of there.
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>> a lot of damage -- >> i hope they passed it around. >> from ram raided to rammed in the face. he stuffs something in his bag and nen somebody catches him. >> oh! >> i love that. just a good samaritan. another shopper is like heck, no. >> i love that security system, knockout! >> he really clocked him. i wonder if that was the shop onner or somebody that got that mad from stealing up. >> don't go away, everybody. because in just a little bit we're giving away another flat screen tv. >> all you need is the wednesday buzz word, you have to be a u.s. resident and 18 years of age or
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older. >> remember, your chance to win a 42-inch flat tv. >> good luck, everybody. >> different cities from moscow had this is probably the best angle of the flash of light. pan into what's going on in that square box. >> you see parts of the city go black after what looks like a short in the line. >> that's exactly right. a lot of people did lose power and they lost heating, which this time of year is a terrible thing to experience. >> the people are confused because all they saw was the flash of light. so people started going to twitter and searching media sites and what the heck is going on in our city? the investigation did in fact that had did have to do with the power lines itself.
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>> did anybody think did -- >> yes, people were wondering if ffs another meteorer. there was a fuj, explosion. >> when big brother returns home from the airport, it's an overwhelming surprise for littleboro. >> and -- >> you're about to see what it's like to be target practice. >> and be the eye of the bulls eye next.
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cancel your dates, unrsrp for parties you have on saturday night because you need to watch this two-hour special on the discovery channel. this is part of penguins waddle all the way. this is about andamatronic penguins. >> did that penguin just lay an egg? >> yes. >> no way. >> watch this little love
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triangle develop. >> and like male animals, he showing off, flapping his wings. >> oh, dude! dudes will do anything. a robot woman and we're going after it. >> guys it, gets better because the girl comes back. >> look at her. she's got her head down. she's in attack mode. >> that's like jerry springer. >> no way! he's ripping it apart. >> here is the picture of the feet. we have john downer and phil dalton and a couple of their andamatronic friends. well done. how did you get them amongst all the penguins? >> depending on which ones they were. he could wander and like this. >> are these autonomous robots? >> they are capable of walking.
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semi-autonomous. if he does fall over or get knocked over by the other, he simply knocks it over. he's going to stand up. >> that is so crazy. and as you saw, they also lay eggs. and they were a little bit too realistic in some ways, the eggs, because we did lose a few to the predators. >> a bird just flew over carrying the egg. that was an incredible shot. >> why was it so important for you to spend the time and making the effort? >> because they're such iconic birds. we feel we have a story coming. >> you can watch "penguins waddle all the way," november 23rd on the discovery channel. >> this is a time when families
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want to get together. they want to be together to express their love. so what better time to have a surprise homecoming video. the man you're seeing in uniform is airman leo santana. these 24 years old. he's in the air force and has been deployed for nearly a year. has been in afghanistan. hasn't seen his family for over one full year. watch this. >> man. >> is that his brother? who is that? >> that's his 18-year-old brother ricardo, who was at home sick in bed when his brother came walking through the door. and almost this entire video, he won't let his brother go, just sobbing into his shoulder so thrilled to see his brother.
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>> even the dog got in on it. >> this video was actually posted back in may but it's trending now because it's thanksgiving, people are thinking about their families and wanting to be together. >> imagine the shock. i don't blame him for sobbing like this. >> those are some serious man tears but for a good reason. what better reason than seeing your brother. you haven't seen him in a whole year. >> this video, right at the very beginning you're going to say where the heck are these people, some weird abandoned hallway? no, this is an archery range. guy set up as gopro and boom. the guy who posted this video said he got a little brave with his gopro because he could put an arrow through the thing and
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ruin it forever. >> brave or is this disrespectful to your buddies? you can't hit this. >> i dare you. >> there's only o gund this thing. >> this will make you flinch, each time the arrow comes right at you. >> it's got to be fun to watch in slow motion. can you see he's got to make a triangle right around the gopro. >> pretty cool stuff. >> if he was trying to hit the gopro, not so cool. >> dude drops a bag of spice and -- >> people are supposed to believe that it's a bag of weed. so they're trying to see how many people will give it back and how many people will keep it. >> see who's a dope and falls for the setup. and we still have flat screen tvs to give away. all you need is wednesday's buzz word for your chance to win.
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this is a social experiment in the name of a prank. these guys are from sweden. >> we are going to drop this bag and see how many people return it. >> they're trying to see how many people will give it back and how many people will keep it. it's a bag of oregano. you see this guy exits the building, pulls something out of
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his pocket. >> the guy takes it. does not give it back. >> victim number two. he drops the bag, there it is. this guy walks up to it, looks around, puts his foot over it and just when you think he's going to keep it, he calls him back and he's like, dude, you dropped something. >> this person picks it up, runs over and gives it right back. >> some people don't want to touch it, don't want to be associated with the dope. >> this is the part where it gets really interesting because the bag is dropped right by the police. but the guy comes back to try to get it back from the police. >> he walked away. >> so the guy walks away but the police reaction is priceless.
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>> that's actually funnier than the prank. >> it seems the limits of winged suit flying get pushed every week. every week we have someone doing something new or crazy or bigger. these three guys in france, they're out there to attempt the longest try attempted. listen. >> from there we have to put the rope together to go down the ridge and then there is the mountain to climb, which is a snowy part, which is a normal route for the guide. >> at least it's a heck of a payoff because they jump around 13,100 feet. there they are. it starts off with a 650 foot vertical drop down. look at that. they pick up speed and then they level off a little bit as they
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cruise over this glacier. watch this. >> they're going straight down! >> this is put together by epic tv. i thits it's one of the most dangerous parts. they say there's no room for error because you cannot deploy your parachute here, there's no place to land. it's all part of the experience of it over this dangerous venture. then the valley, did you notice that they flew by the house? >> what's that drive like? they covered about 1.8 miles and landed safely. >> wow. >> always about lengths with you guys. >> all right, everybody. it's flat screen tv giveaway time. >> iing you a chance to win a 42
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inch flat screen tv. you need wednesday's buzz word, 18 yearsor older and a u.s. rest didn't to enter. >> enter on our facebook page. if you're using a mobile phone or tablet go, to the first post on our mobile page and tap on that. >> our buzz word for wednesday is "tram polline." >> then enter the wiess's buzz ward -- word for your chance to win a 42-inch flat screen tv. >> good luck, everybody. >> they go in for a tv but instead she leaves with a ring. >> at first you're thinking this is not a romantic
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the people of kuwait recently encountered really heavy downpours, flooded streets. so what are they to do? >> tubing in a tube. if you've got water, have some sports. i'm amazed the cars aren't flooded, though. >> and you got to figure probably not used to this weather in kuwait. i'm sure they're not used to having this much floodwater in their traffic circle. >> and listen to how much fun the guys are having too. >> it is funny to watch in car just going around in the circle, dragging this tuber. >> the actual traffic, too. he's kind of in front of and behind other vehicles out there. >> when you think of the perfect location for a proposal, you might think a beach at sunset,
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maybe a mountaintop at sunshet, maybe a gazebo somewhere. you probably don't think of best buy. >> oh, my god. >> at first you're probably thinking that this is not a romantic proposal, but in fact it really is. you see a crowded best buy and then suddenly you hear train's "mar "marry me" coming over the loud speakers and then you notice the same thing is on all of the televisions. everybody at best buy are the friends and family of alyssa, the bride to be. her love, frank, set up this proposal. if you keep watching and paying attention to those screens, you'll notice that on them, pictures of their entire three-year relationship. six months into their relationship frank was diagnosed
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with stage three hodgkins lymphoma and alyssa stayed by his side through chemotherapy and several surgeries. at first he went to times square to see if he could do it there and they said no. so they he went to his local best buy and they said of course we'll do it, we'll make it happen free of charge. and she did say yes. now for their entire married life, every time they pass a best bile, they'll probably get little flutters, a little romance. >> that's it [ female announcer ] welcome one and all to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least. a turkey from safeway is just what they crave. a hero of the table, "so delicious" they'll rave.
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